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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Budhha Jayanti: How to find a solution to any problem by Lord Budhha

Teachings of Lord Budhha: How to find a solution to any problem

Before finding a solution to the problems, one must understand its reasons only when success comes.

The birth anniversary of Lord Budhha is celebrated on the full moon of Vaisakh month. In his discourses, Gautam Budhha has given the key to maintain peace and happiness in life. By adopting them, we can end the obstacles in our life. Here is the incident where he has given a way to solve problems.

According to the popular story, one day in the morning all the disciples were sitting together to listen to the sermons of Lord Budhha. After sometime, Budhha brought a rope with him. All the disciples were surprised to see the rope in his hands.

Lord Budhha sat in his place and tied three knots one after the other in that rope. Then he asked everyone, is this the same rope that it was before tying the knot?

In response to this question, a disciple said that tathagata, this is a bit difficult to answer. It depends in our way of seeing. In a way, the rope is the same, there is no change. Another disciple said that now there are three knots in it, which was not in the rope before, can call it changed.

Some disciples said that, actually the rope is basically the same, however, is looking changed, but its original form has not changed.

After listening to the disciples, Gautam Budhha said that you all are right, now I open these knots. Then, Budhha started pulling both the heads. He asked, will these knots be opened in this way?

All the disciples said that, doing this, will make the knots even more tight. It will become more difficult to open them. Then Budhha said that now one last question, what do we have to do to open this?

The disciples said that we have to watch these knots carefully, so that we could know how they have been tied. After this, we can open the knots easily.

Now, Budhha was satisfied with this answer and said that this is the right thing to do.

We get stuck in problems and start finding solutions without knowing the cause of those problems. While we must first understand the origin of problems. When the reason for the problems is understood, it can be very easy to solve them. 

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