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Saturday, June 6, 2020

How to motivate your child | Motivational Story

How to motivate your child | Motivational Story

It is really difficult to motivate a child, but at the same time, as a parent, it is very important for us to motivate our children.

Today I want to share a very sweet motivational story with you. If you are a parent, and you want to motivate your children, then how would you do that?

In a school, 50 children participated in 400mt race.  All the children and parents were very enthusiastic as the first 3 were about to get reward.

All the children came and took their positions and the race started. Every child ran with his full strength.

How to motivate your child | Motivational Story

When race was about to finish, the parents of those children who were on 1st, 2nd and 3rd position started cheering them up as they were very happy with the performance of their children. Other parents also started clapping and motivating their children.

Gradually, when the children started realising that they could not win, they reduced their speed or stopped running.

Children in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position ran fast and move forward. A child on 4th position also reduced his speed.

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How to motivate your child | Motivational Story

The child on 5th position also stopped running and when he felt that he could no longer win, he got little disappointed and ran towards his father. His father hugs him and congratulates him and says, "very good son, you have come first".

How to motivate your child | Motivational Story

The child got surprised and said,  "Father, I have come 5th, I have not been able to get 1st, 2nd, 3rd, position and I have not received the reward". 

His father said, "for me, you are the winner, my son".

Son says again that he could not win, he was at the 5th position. Then his father makes him understand, "son, I agree, that you were on the 5th position but you were ahead of the rest of the 44 participants".

The child says, "yes, you are right, but what about the 4 children who went before me?"

His father then explains to him, "child, consider yourself ahead of the 44 children and don't think about those 4 children.

Those 4 would have worked harder than you, would have practised more, that's why they overtook you. But your competition was with the rest of the 44 children and you have come first among them".

He explains it further, "this time you worked harder than 44 children, next time what we have to do is to compete with 48 and so on" .

The child forgot his defeat and felt motivated and empowered and hugs his father. Father and son eat ice cream and take a leave.

How to motivate your child | Motivational Story


Now, you think about it, there are many such children, who get disappointed even after scoring 80-85 percentage, this is the reason because they look forward towards the children who have got 90-95 Percentage. And their parents always compare their child with the children ahead of them.

I want to say that, from today onwards try this technique with your children and you will see a sweet smile on their face.

Your child will be self-motivated to work harder. But for this you will have to initiate.
So, instead of comparing your child with the children ahead of him, try to make them understand by how many children they are ahead of.

When you go on a road, some cars are ahead of you and some are behind. If we just keep looking at the cars ahead of us, then we will remain unhappy and will forget to enjoy the journey in order to overtake everyone.

How to motivate your child | Motivational Story

Nowadays, many children are suffering from stress, tension, depression. We should not only teach our children to achieve their goals but also teach them to enjoy the journey, by which we can give our children a happy future.

It is not important that whether you have stood 1st or 2nd, more important is that how much efforts you have put in to reach there. More important than winning is to strive for it.

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I hope you would like this motivational story and please try to implement this technique and share it with me. Your feedback is most welcome. I will bring more such motivational stories for you.

Till then,

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