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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Quotes by Lord Krishna to inspire you | Sayings by Shri Krishna

Quotes by Lord Krishna to inspire you | Sayings by God Krishna 

The festival of Lord Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated this time on August 12.


The way Bhagwan Krishna lived his life with love, valor and skill, people still exemplify it.

He killed his unjust maternal uncle Kansa in his childhood and then gave victory to the Pandavas with his intelligence and strategy skills.

If we want, we can learn a lot from the life of Lord Krishna.


I have brought some Motivational Quotes by Lord Krishna for you. You can try and inculcate these in your life and for sure you will feel positive.

Quotes by Lord Krishna

Quote 1: Karma locates a person in the same way, a calf finds its mother among hundreds of cows.

Quote 2: The soul is neither born, nor dies, nor can it be burnt, nor can it be wet with water, the soul is immortal and indestructible.

Quote 3: Divinity is not only in being powerful, but the real Divinity is in awakening power in others.

Quote 4: You do what you want, but it happens, what I want. You start doing what I want, then what you want will happen.

Quote 5: Half the sorrows in life come, because we kept hopes from those we should not have kept… and half grief because we doubted those whom we should not.

Quotes by Lord Krishna

Quote 6: No matter how fair a man is, but his shadow is always black… "I am superior" This is confidence !!  But "Only I am superior" This is arrogance ... "" If desire is not fulfilled, anger increases, and desire is fulfilled, then greed increases.  Therefore, be patient in every situation of life…

Quote 7: It is the karma of a person that creates its destiny.

Quote 8: The soul leaves the old body in the same way as a human takes off old clothes and wears new clothes.

Quote 9: Nothing is permanent in this world.

Quote 10: Mind is a part of the body. To feel happiness and sorrow, is the work of the body, not of the soul.


Quote 11: Honor, humiliation, profit-loss, being happy or unhappy is all mischief of mind.

Quote 12: I have also had many births, you have also had many births, neither this is my last birth nor this is your last birth.

Quote 13: There is only one way to know me, my devotion. No one can know or understand me through intelligence.

Quote 14: I know all beings, know the past, future and present of all.  But nobody knows me.

Quote 15: Man becomes by his faith, he becomes what he believes.

Quotes by Lord Krishna

Quote 16: Bliss is simply a state of mind that has nothing to do with the outside world.

Quote 17: The mind is fickle and difficult to control, but with constant practice it can be tame.

Quote 18: If you fail to achieve your goal then change your strategy, not the goal.

Quote 19: There are 4 gates of hell: anger, fascination, greed and ego.

Quote 20: The best key to happiness is the reduction of desires.


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